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Your Online Store for High Performance Auto Parts
Your Online Store for High Performance Auto Parts
Mobile Dyno for Shows and Events

Having The Axcelerated Motorsports Mobile Dyno at your event will entertain, excite, and make your event one that customers will remember and look forward to coming back to! :

How It Works...

The most popular method is the minimum guarantee. Axcelerated Motorsports will generate a price to come out to your event based on the distance and duration of the event. This price reflects the minimum amount We need to come out to the event. The goal of the event coordinator is to have enough dyno participants available to cover the minimum guarantee. Our goal is to come out and dyno as many vehicles as possible and to exceed the minimum. If the show falls short, the responsible party is held accountable to make up the difference. This usually comes out of the 50% deposit that is due prior to the show. With the proper promoting and following some of our tips, falling short of the guarantee can be avoided.

The other method is a flat fee to come out for the duration of the event. This works well for companies that would like to provide the dyno as a free or reduced rate service to their customers. Groups or clubs that would like to have a dyno day or utilize the dyno for tuning sessions can benefit from basically renting the dyno for the day.

How to Prepare and What you need to know.

How many cars can we do in one seven hour period? It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to ½ hour for the typical street vehicle to complete a dyno test. We have ranged from 15-30 vehicles in one day, and is dependent on a few factors.

Preregistration Having everyone ready in a time slot keeps everything on pace. For a busy show, We recommend having a volunteer for the show coordinate the line-up for the dyno. Keeping the next vehicle on deck saves a lot of time.

Axcelerated Motorsports, Inc. reserves the right to change or cancel these promotions at any time.

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