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Your Online Store for High Performance Auto Parts
Your Online Store for High Performance Auto Parts
Axcelerated Motorsports Mobile Dyno Testing & Tuning

Axcelerated Motorsports will dyno test or tune your vehicle on a mobile Dynojet 248H chassis dynamometer. With our mobile dyno we are able to data-log horsepower, torque, Air/fuel ratios, boost pressure, air intake temperature, and any 0-5 volt reference signal. Our mobile dyno is also equipped with Dynotrac Load Control. This lets us put a load on the vehicle to pinpoint and correct any driveability problems.

Axcelerated Motorsports mobile chassis dyno can attend your event anywhere in the the Northeast & Mid Atlantic region. Cars and trucks can also dyno test or tune at our Bucks County, PA location. Axcelerated Motorsports' portable dyno trailer is 33 feet long, and can handle a full size crew cab truck, (including diesels)and any front or rear wheel drive vehicle. Our dyno can also test motorcyles.

Dyno Rental

Rent the dyno for a day. Dyno rental available for car shows, and group rentals. Please call or email for dyno rental rates. Our mobile chassis dyno will come to your event or car show. Organize a dyno day utilizing our portable dyno!! Rental available from our shop in Bucks County, PA.

Dyno testing

Dyno test your car, truck or motorcycle. With all dyno tests, customers receive graph and numbers print-out of horsepower, torque, and air-fuel ratio where applicable..


We offer high performance SCT tuning for the Ford Mustang Cobra, Lightning, F150 truck, Powerstroke diesel truck, and other Ford vehicles. Not only do we tune for maximum performance, we tune for driveability, solving idle problems, stalling on deceleration, and other problems that are associated with some performance modifications. We install most of what we sell. Please call or email for installation prices on specific items. Custom tuning for AEM's EMS. We are a factory trained AEM EMS tuning shop.



We have special package deals for customers purchasing SCT Xcalibrator, also known as the Xcaliber, or the SCT 6600 switch chip. Our combo deal includes the chip or programmer dyno tuned specifically for your vehicle, at our shop in Bucks County, PA. Please call or email for pricing on your specific application.

Service Price
2 runs with horsepower and torque print-outs  $70.00 
2 runs with horsepower and torque print-outs with wideband  $80.00 
Diesel trucks, 4 runs with optical pick up for rpm  $100.00 
Motorcycles, 2 runs with horsepower and torque print-outs  $35.00 
Motorcycles, 2 runs with wideband O2 and print-outs  $50.00 
Tuning time by the hour  $150.00 
Cobra upper pulley installation  $125.00 

Please call or email for other installation rates. We have group rates for club dyno days for 10 or more vehicles.

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